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Let Them Have It

Te Quiero

Te Quiero Cojer (Spanish: I wanna fuck you)

I'll let your ass have it

Take care of business

Oh for real

Ghetto chorette

[Verse 1 - Tupac]

Now you been acting like you want it for a long time

All up in a nigga face, giving me them strong vibes

Look in my eyes and you'll find peace

A Gemini so you really blow my mind freak


I got my clothes off, hard as a nigga in jail

Skinny niggaz throw the dick well

Everybody get they condoms, rubber cause it's time to fuck

Hurry up and put it on nigga time is up

What's next? Got my mind on some group sex

Where you going baby I ain't even through yet

Do it like a true vet, love it how I threw it to ya

In and out make it good to ya

Remember me?

I love fucking slow with the lights low

Black, Puerto Rican, even white hoes

Felice Amor, Que Linda, Dame Veso (Spanish: Sweet love, your a cutie, give me a kiss)

Got my bed soaked

Come to poppy

Fuckin' till the shit is sloppy (sloppy)

If you really want it


(If you really want it)

Tupac you know

If you really want it (x6)

(If you really want it)

I really want it


Alright, all my real niggaz and my real bitches, let me see you do it like this


Rock ya, body body x7

We came to

Rock ya, body body x7

We came to

[Verse 2 - SKG]

Daddy rock a playa body till I tell you to stop

Hit the right spot, if not, leave some money and kick rocks

I'm a thug hoe, I need a thug nigga up inside me

A playa that can ride me, a cat that can buy me

Make a jazzy hoe like me, bust a sweat

Hit it from the back, grab me by my neck

Demand your respect

I'm not an on my back

Тупак Шакур

Let Them Have It / Тупак Шакур

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