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Letter 2 My Unborn

To my unborn child..

To my unborn child.. in case I don't make it

Just remember daddy loves you

{*talking in background*}

To my unborn child..

To my unborn..


Now ever since my birth, I've been cursed since I'm born to wild

in case I never get to holla at my unborn child

Many things learned in prison, blessed and still livin

Tryin to earn every penny that I'm gettin, and reminiscin

to the beginnin of my mission

When I was conceived, and came to be in this position

My momma was a Panther loud, single parent but she proud

when she witnessed baby boy rip a crowd

To school, but I dropped out, and left the house

Cause my mama say I'm good for nothin, so I'm out

Since I only got one life to live, God forgive me for my sins

Let me make it and I'll never steal again, or deal again

My only friend is my misery

Wantin revenge for the agony they did to me

See my life ain't promised but it'll sure get better

Hope you understand my love letter, to my unborn child


I'm writing you a letter

This is to my unborn child

Wanna let you know I love you

Love you, if you didn't know I feel this way

How I, think about you every day

I have so much to say


Seems so complicated to escape fate

And you can never understand 'til we trade places

Tell the world I feel guilty to bein anxious

Ain't no way in hell, that I could ever be rapist

It's hard to face this, cold world on a good day

When will they let the little kids in the hood play?

I got shot five times but I'm still breathin

Livin proof there's a God if you need a reason

Can I believe in my own fate

Will I raise my kids in the right, or the wrong way

Тупак Шакур

Letter 2 My Unborn / Тупак Шакур

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