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Lady Liberty Needs Glasses

[Malcolm Jamal Warner]

Let me show you, the rhyme..

Excuse me - but, Lady Liberty needs glasses

and so does Mrs. Justice by her side

Both the broads are blind as bats, stumblin through - the system

Justice bumped into M'Tulu, trippin on Geronimo Pratt

but stepped right over Oliver and his crooked partner Ronnie

Justice stubbed her big toe on Mandela

And Liberty was misquoted by the Indians

Slavery was just a learning phase, forgotten without a verdict

while Justice is on a rampage

for endangered survivin black males

I mean really; if anyone REALLY valued life

and cared about the masses

They'd take 'em both to Pen Optical

and get TWO pairs of glasses

Excuse me - but, Lady Liberty needs glasses

I'm kickin asses up and down New York City

It's a pity

Brothers wanna be grimy and gritty to each other

What would your mother think, smotherin your brother?

I see you sink, into another level

Dancin with the devil

Turn up the bass, cause I'm player; also a rhyme sayer

Kind of fly, layer after layer

Why.. cause I'm blessed

Cause I've progressed

I've learned my lessons

Class has always been in session, so you better take notes

And stop chokin on negativity

Тупак Шакур

Lady Liberty Needs Glasses / Тупак Шакур

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