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This Aint Living


This Ain't Livin

This ain't livin..


Nigga - I hear even the smaller G's be dippin Chevy Impalas

while flossin they gold D's, O.G.'s, is who they follow

We swallow tomorrow see, what we leave is hollow

We feed violence and greed, let 'em bleed tomorrow

In time, they grip a nine, sippin wine - hit grass

'til I be starin watch the parents sacrifice they child

The love's gone, a thug's home, with no love

Feelin so strong, make young boys into drug lords

Now one for adolescents, now dos for dose

Keep yo' friends by your side, even close your foes

Now three for Johnny Law tryin to make my chips

I never pulled the trigger, didn't touch that bitch

Throw yo' hands in the air, it's a robbery

.. thinkin 'Pac, would you ride with me

Let's go see what our enemies talkin bout

When G's enter the house nobody's walkin out

This ain't livin, it's similar to prison, we trapped

My homies jealous plus they tell us that the phones is tapped

I watch my back twenty-fo' seven

and never let a busta send a G to ghetto heaven, you know!

This is how it goes when we floss with foes

Before I toss yo' hoe, it'll cost you mo'

I do shows make a lot of dough, murder my foes

But I'd give it all up, if it would help you grow

This ain't livin

[Chorus 2X: sung]

Takes a life to make a life (takes a life)

Livin in the world of crime tonight (takes a life)

Can't find a better way to break you

This ain't livin I gotta do what I gotta do


Peep it - gunfire is produced at alarmin rates

Today's youth, grip the shit, get in the car and break

"It Takes a Nation of Millions" if we i

Тупак Шакур

This Aint Living / Тупак Шакур

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