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Тупак Шакур Тупак ШакурАмериканский музыкант, пионер гангста-рэпа, актер, продюсер


they`ll never take me alive,

im gettin` high with my fo-five cocked on these suckers time to die.

even as a youngster causin ruckus on the back of the bus, i was a fool all

through high school kickin up dust but now im labeled as a trouble-maker, who

can you blame, smokin weed helped me take away the pain, so im hopeless.

rollin down the freeway swirvin, dont worry, im `bout to crash up on tha curv

cos my visions blury.

maybe if they tried to understand me what could i do, i had to feed my fuckin

family, what else should i do but be a thug, slangin with the homies, fuck

hangin with the phonies in the club.

got my mind on major, never been a stranger to homicide, my citys full of gang

bangers and drive-byes.

why do we die at an early age, he was so young and still the victim of the 12


my memories of a corps, mind full of sick thoughts, and i aint going back to

court, so fuck what you thought

im drinkin hennessy, runnin from my enemies, will i live to be twenty-three

and so much pain


tired of the strain and the pain. yeah

tired of the strain and the pain

years and years of that rough life

Тупак Шакур

SO MUCH PAIN / Тупак Шакур

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