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Тупак Шакур Тупак ШакурАмериканский музыкант, пионер гангста-рэпа, актер, продюсер


(Young Noble)

Yo, I can see

That you obviously don`t know me or my homies

We O-U-T Lawz, fuck the phonies

A wise hustler once told me, it`s on you

Though it was dreams when he first told me Now it`s true

I got love for you only to a certain exstend

Niggas ain`t worth shit

Cops and ride dick permits

I heard this and heard that

About them O-U-T Lawz

Some of them soldiers got shot

Some of them soldiers fell off

Fuck yall now everybody tied to us

Hollering out a nigga name

But never said what up

That shit critical, dispicable, unforgiveable

I too like Hot ??

Your own fan won`t remember you

Thuggin but we still spriutual, clear lyrical

I`m like the fuckin Deff Squad

My ears ain`t hearin` yall

Pump fearin` yall

But damn I ain`t even wantin` to scare yall

Listen to what I tell yall

Fuck the world,

Your baby moms and your baby girl

You muthafuckas so fake,

Yo they made me wanna earl

Blake, hate snakes thug hatin the degree

Outlawz on a paper chase

Can you relate thug niggaz

(Napoleon Chorus)

We will never fall

Thru it all, we`ll always stand tall

Cause in the end we`ll be remembered as some young muthafucka soldiers

And if you believe in that shit that you heard

Y`all dont know us, y`all dont know us


Now I been trapped down

And fucked since day one

This industructional style of mine ain`t no fun

Where I`m from

You sure to see about 10 niggaz in a bedroom

Eating off the same spoon

Sweeping with the same broom

It`s hazard, it`s you don`t want yo life

Well give me grab it

I was born inside a love zone

With a glock-nine young marriage

It`s critical

Then one of them sat down living so


Тупак Шакур


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