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Aint Hard 2 Find

(Tupac) They say


(B-Legit) Influenced by crime, addicted to grindin

(C-Bo) Where I can pile up my chips

(Richie Rich) And niggaz call me a timer

(Tupac) I been ballin since my adolecsent years steady climbin

(E-40) Man, you motherfuckers don't know nuttin about no timin

(Tupac) That's right, that's right boy start that shit off

Verse One: 2Pac

I heard a rumour I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized

Picutes of me in my final stage you know Mama cried

But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted

Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missin

Although I'm worldwide, baby I ain't hard to find

Why I spend most of my time on California crime

Watching for thievin I'm cautious it's like I'm barely breathin

Puttin a bullet in mutherfuckers give me a reason

See me and hope I'm intoxicated or slightly faded

You tried to play me now homicide is my only payment

I'm addicted to currency in this life I lead

Why the fuck you cowards be runnin, too scared to fight a G

For the life of me, I cannot see

How motherfuckers picture livin life after a night of fuckin around with me

And if you don't like this rhyme

then bring your big bad ass to California, cause we ain't hard to find


Verse Two: C-Bo, B-Legit

I got my locs on hard hat goin to war

Breakin them off on sight, stoppin lives like red lights

Watch em pause as I pull my strap, out my drawers

And get to dumpin on they ass, like the last outlaws

Rich, Tupac and the Click, smokin blunts, loadin clips

With enough shit to raise your block in one dip

We bring on horror like Tales From the Crypt

And we ain't hard to find is the

Тупак Шакур

Aint Hard 2 Find / Тупак Шакур

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