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Why U Turn On Me

Outlaw nigga, westside throw it up, use to have love for me, why u

turning on

me, why me, yeah nigga westside, how you do it

I went from nothing to something

now they all see me fall

and the playahaters hate to see a thug hit the ballers

they say we hate the eastcoast

but thats funny

got a lot of love for any niggas getting money

I made a song about my enemies and niggas trip

it was hip-hop until 2pac fucked Biggie's bitch

you'll niggas need to get your bitch made

either love me or hate me

but real thug niggas get paid

have me catching cases all across the nation

I went to jail to bail to barely on probation

and got a playa facing three strikes and we right

just balst God bless the child that can get cash

but all these niggas turning and never learning

got a long line of niggas playa hating me

but getting bird

talk a lot of shit

but you trick and trash

like the mac making a fall back

and stick your ass for back staping

Never thought it would come

use to have love for me

now they turning on me

why me. why you'll niggas tripping

use to have love for me

now they turning on me

why me

It started so innocent

but ended in the fiftiesm

I vote you juvenile deliquents

we still peacing

plain catching hits

you diss the herts

fuck school you was skipping (laughing)

you were sleeping on the curb

me and you no close than two

while drinking brew

what you need nigga

anything it will come to me nigga

you can wear my clothes and my gold for the hoes

gave you the keys to the jeep

or my home is a open door

but then you victimed in a direction

in a blink of an eye

my time away just made perfection

did you think I would die

I never got a single visit

yet I carry on

all my old friends to busy now my money is gone

said I got raped in jail picture that (laughing)

revenge is a pay back bitch

get your gat

fuck Wendy Williams and I pay back, fuck you

on the next knit down your throat

for turning on me

Use to have love for me

now they turning on me

why me

fat bitch can't fuck with me, it's thug life biatch, I use to have

love for

them but now they turing on me, why me, I fuck around put a hit on

your fat

ass, I'll put Jenny Craig on your fat ass, you fatro, anybody seen


William's fat ass, why you always wearing Spandex, you fat bitch, I

know your

pussy stinks, you fat hoe, I'm putting Jenny Craig on you bitch, I'm

about to

put a &20,000 dollar hit through Jenny Craig to come find your fat ass

and put

you in a fat farm bitch, thug life, outlawz, wetside, bitch, it's

Tupac so you

now who said it, and everybody who didn't like what I said about that


trick Mob Deep, fuck you too nigga, ig the nigga didn't want to get


about, he never should have stepped in the mothafuckn ring, if Tyson


want to get knocked out, he don't step in the mothafuckn ring, that's

how the

shit goes, if Tyson get in the fuckn ring, he knocks mothafuckas out,


that's what Tupac going to do, when niggas come against me, I'm going

to knock

their punk ass out, one way or the mothafuckn other, this own

mothafucka is

nigga and it's outo nigga, theres more than one way to skin a gat,

theres more

than one way to shoot a gat, theres one more than one way to die

nigga, when

I'm through everybody cry's nigga, this is how we do it, why you'll

turning on

me, why me

Тупак Шакур

Why U Turn On Me / Тупак Шакур

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