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When We Ride On Our Enemies

Mob Deep trying to diss now to uh, (laughing) well I ain't prejudice,

I don't

give a fuck, this is what it sounds like when we ride on our enemies

Hey got some static

with some niggas on the other side of town

let my little cousin K roll

he's a rider now

what they want from us mothafuckn thug niggas

it's the love nigga

now i plug niggas

it's slug niggas

am I wrong

niggas making songs

trying to get with us

plus we gone off the stress

we in the west we trust

to the chest I bust

then we ride to the sun comes

shining back to brighten up the sky

how many die

heard the Fugees was trying to do me

look bitch I vut your fate

this ain't no mothafuckn movie

then we watch the other two die slow

castrated inetated in the mothafuckn side show

bands at my planet mo

time to exterminate my fo's

I can't stand you hoe's

now label this my fuckn trick shot

my lyrics running all you cowards out of Hip-Hop

when we ride on our enemies

(Chorus) x2

when we ride on our enemies, I bet you mothafuckas die when we ride on



Come take a journey through my minds eye

you cross the game

don't explain nigga

time to die

say good bye

watch my eyes when I pull the trigger

so right before you die

you pry before a bigger nigga

dry your eyes

you was heartless

on your hits

niggas love to scream peace

after they start some shit

pay attention here the words to those that rob me

I murdered you

then I run a train on Mob Deep

don't fuck with me

nigga you barely living

don't you got single cell

see me having sezure on stage

you ain't feeling well hell

how many niggas want to be involved

see i was only talking to Biggie

but I'll kill all of you'll

then ?Ball? tell the rat to keep her mouth closed

fuck around and get tossed up

by the fuckn Outlawz

before I leave make sure everybody heard

know I meant every mothafuckn word

when we ride on our enemies

when we ride on our enemies

make sure everybody dies when we ride on our enemies x2

Тупак Шакур

When We Ride On Our Enemies / Тупак Шакур

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