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Verse One: Live Squad

Strugglin, jugglin, got it to the black man

Eatin the scams like I was motherfuckin Pac Man

Cops step off, you know the flavor

They fear the ruffneck niggaz with the lunatic behavior

And now we gotta eat, gotta make ends meet

Stabbin for a fee, it gets hard on the fuckin streets

It's like a madness, fuck making gravy

I rhyme and do crimes, cuz either way pays me

A little rough with a hardcore... theme

Couldn't rough something rougher in your... dreams

Mad rugged so you know we're gonna... rip

With that roughneck nigga named 2Pacalypse

Representing YG'z yo

Flip Stretch Homicide and my nigga Gambino

Seek and Po can't forget Money Bags

Stickin up spots and jumpin in Jags

Gotta get ahead and always stay bumblin

And always keep a hand on the gat

Cuz a niggaz straight strugglin

Verse Two: Live Squad

I used to be on tour, but now I'm sick of strugglin

I thought about bumpin, but mother-fuck jugglin

I know it lasts longer, gets my pockets thicker

But I'd rather use my gun cause I get the money quicker, so bust it

Look as I cut the records hard to eject

A quick clip threw my body down uhh! it's another hit

I got energy to blast now you want the task here

Cuz of the light a motherfucker shot that ass up

But rugged and rough is how I'm steppin

Mac is the weapon, and it's always kept in

Eye on the Mac cause the dogg got it goin on

If you come up steppin you'll be lit like a hick

So you better chill, cause I got too much money to get

A street thug in the motherfuckin house, I'm strugglin

Get drunk but I don't think

I'm just in it for the money, don't be a punk snitch

When I yank up my gun, don't run don't bitch

Cause ya know if you do, you'll be layin in a ditch

You'll get your stupid ass blown out the frame

Cause I'm playing to win, and survive in the game

I'm strugglin

Verse Three: 2Pac

Big up, big up, got him in the frame, bang

Ain't nothin changed set it off I let the brains hang

Guess who's back, to put niggaz on they back

Till I call back, niggaz runnin free better fall back

I'm fifty niggaz deep beat sleep

with a Mossberg wrapped in my seats

three deep in my Jeep chief run with the Young Gunz

Strugglin and strivin, that's how the dough come

Now get gunned by the one with the gun for the low goal

Throw a bolo so low when I flow yo

Much too high to read the signs, I'm blind

Clickin on the nine, out to get mine

I go big up, big up, gotta make the room, boom

Blowin motherfuckers to the moon

Niggaz need to feel me a real G, home from the bumblin

See me on the block, strugglin

And rollin with the roughnecks nuff checks cashed

I get in niggaz ass, blast

Straight strugglin

Тупак Шакур

Strugglin / Тупак Шакур

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