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Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ

Pac speaking]

Yo 'Law!

Is it cool if a nigga just get fucked up for this one?

Yeah! Mr. Fuck-a-Cop is BACK..

and I still don't give a fuck, yaknahmsayin?

Puffin on this indo.. in the studio with my partners out here

Pacific Heights in the house, know what I mean


I was framed, so don't make the same mistake, nigga

You gotta learn how to shake the snakes, nigga

Cause the police love to break a nigga

Send em upstate cause they straight-up hate the niggaz

So what I do is get a crew of zoo niggaz

Straight fools into rules and do niggaz

And one-time had enough of me

I'm still raw so the law can't fuck with me

They wanna send me to the pen, punk picture that

I stay strapped motherfuckers better get your gat

It ain't easy bein me I can't take it

Life as a celebrity ain't everything they make it

And ever since the movies, these hoes try to do me

If they can't screw me, they find a way to sue me

Now can you picture me coolin, at a night club?

Nothin but love, but motherfuckers wanna mean mug

Since I wear a lot of gold, they plot

Don't know what I got, and get shot with the hot ones

And aww yeah, I wanna feel guilty

but you punk motherfuckers tried to milk me

You'll get smacked behind the hill with my phone on my pager

It's beepin while I cut you with my razor

I'm not violent, I'm petrified and nervous

I got no mercy for these niggaz tryin to serve us

But if you catch me outta pocket, then I'm got

You love to shoot a nigga but you scared to pop a cop

Now drop it

[Chorus: 2Pac]

Strictly for my - strictly for my - strictly for my niggaz

Strictly for my - strictly for my - strictly for my niggaz

Strictly for my - strictly for my - strictly for my niggaz

Strictly for my niggaz makin G's


Reflected and disrespected, plus I'm rejected

You're just another rapper, who swears he's makin records

That's what they said - whenever I would walk by

I never tripped though - always kept my head up high

Eventually, I knew that I would find my way

After the darkest night, always comes a brighter day

And some would say, that turned away is all you'll get

I just said, "bet," and never let 'em see me sweat

Cause in the end, I knew that I would have it all

while non-believers, were prayin for my downfall

And some would call, and tell me that they wish me well

but in my heart, I'm knowin that they wish me hell

Yo get a real job, rappin doesn't pay the rent

I hate the studio cause that's where all my money went

Never surrender, it's all about the faith you've got

Don't ever stop, just push it til you hit the top

And if you drop, at least you know you gave your all

Be true to you, and that way you can never fall

But beware, these backstabbers ain't no joke

Just like a rope, they hang on you until you're broke

And when you're broke, they move onto the next dope

And there you are, can't even pay your car, nope

And when you reminisce, thinkin how you got dissed

remember how it felt, and then remember this

Be true to you, believe that there's no one bigger

Cause they can all suck dick - it's strictly for my niggaz



(This is) This is for the critics if you live up

Pick up my shit or I'll be back doin stickups

I better see five stars next to my picture

If not, Tupac will cop the glock and come knockin to getcha

I told you once motherfucker I'm a nut

Play me like a butt and you'll be bleedin when you're fucked

Niggaz know what's up but they be tryin to hold me down

I'm comin outta Oaktown, bitch fuck around

And it ain't where you from that makes you hardcore

Nigga it's the way you throw them thangs in the war

And to the marks that be talkin all that shit

Screamin out the next nigga's name like a bitch

And the niggaz that I ran into recently

The motherfuckers at the club that pulled the piece on me

You little bitches shoulda pulled the fuckin trigga

Now you live in fear of a heartless-ass nigga

Mr. Troublesome; niggaz tried to play me with the gat

but like Terminator nigga, I'll be back

Yeah! And I'll be back with a fuckin army

You tried to harm me -- ruh-ring the alarm G!

Cause most motherfuckers love to act up

without they backup, when they get jacked up they crack up

It's strictly for my niggaz at the show

so they know, not to play me like a ho (ho!!!)

Strictly for my...

[Chorus 3X (continues afterwards, breaking into ad libs

Тупак Шакур

Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ / Тупак Шакур

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