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Stay True


Yah nigga, Drop the top on your muthafuckin ride

This how we do it on the west coast BAABBBY

Rollin' down the Four O Five

Gettin' high

White boys done wrecked their shit

Tryin to check my ride

I ain't being bootsy

Crusin' in a Six-o Impala

Drivin' like I'm in a Hooptee

car full of ballin' caps

keep yo hand on the strap

and take all the craps

Niggas know my steel-lo

all legit

but I'm drapped

like a nigga movin' kilo

Shit don't stop

cuz i can make that ass drop

make the front pop

And Hit the three wheel motion

All Day

Hit the freeway

take it easy, uhh

Let's slide

And pick-up some hoochies


right back to the movies


talking back to the screen drinkin' liquor

Havin' big dreams of gettin' richer

I'm livin that

Chorus (4x) (Tupac)

Thug Life, y'all know the rules

gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

Big Stretch represent the real nigga

flex, Live squad and this mutha fucker catch wreck


Thug Life

sharp as a roughneck

Shakin' the dice, we roll long, ain't nothin' nice

so the vice wanna follow us around (raize up)

Got 'em runnin' as we clown thru the town (blaze up)

Another one, had to throw another gun

Don't need another case

you can see it on my face son

But I ain't fallin' yet

And I gotta give a shout to where my ball is at


Mophreme Tell 'em why the hoes dream

gettin high off a nigga like a dope fiend


Cuz I'm non-stop, and I'm always hustlin'

twenty four seven, ain't nothin buck

but when a young G's flippin keys for a livin'

Try to make a mill off the time I'm givin'



I'm crazy

Can't nobody fade me

And I been goin' insane lately

And everybody tryin ta hold me back

I'm about to snap

You better move back

You know I led a.....

Chorus (4x) (Tupac)

Thug Life, y'all know the rules

gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True)

Maaaannnn, I don't worry about the Five-O

if they start,

cuz it's all about survival

Just stay smart

Keep your mind on your bank roll


stay ahead of these stank hos

These days

It's an all out rat race

And look at MEEE just caught another cat case

That makes three

My laywers getting cash up the ass

Don't even ask

Why I'm buck wild ?

Don't smile

don't laugh

To the young G's comin up

peep game

Don't let the money make you change

or act strange

Stay broke

It's all in together now

Keep pumping loud

till the crowd

bring the top down

Is that Tupac Thug Life ?

Hell Yah

Try to dirty up my name

but it's still here

which way do I turn ?

i'm strapped

Lost in the storm

I can't turn back

with that...

Chorus (4x) (Tupac)

Thug Life, y'all know the rules

gotta do whatcha gotta do (Stay True

Тупак Шакур

Stay True / Тупак Шакур

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