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Real Bad Boyz Westside

Featuring Dee Tha Mad Bitch]

[Dee tha Mad Bitch]

What goes on in the mind of a bad boy? Nothin but payback

Whos next, the clip, callin murder could nothin the contract

Better watch your back

Since hes makin that comeback

The 1-87 will stop em

The hollow point, will drop ya

Go on, heres a scene for your soul

So take heed when you meet face-to-face, here comes the grim reaper

You better ???? from the depths of hell

Hes a real McCoy

But aint no stoppin this girl is bad boy

He aint no joke

Muthafucka grab your throat

Before you find yourself cut with a blade

As your bloody body lays on top of cement

In front of your president

It was a murder for hire

Hit an innocent child in the crossfire

Now hes confined to a jail

Got shot six times, in his spine

But his mind is still down at the grind

Hes willin to destroy

Thats what he lives for, to be a bad boy


Bad Boy, Bad Boy, watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do, watch out, we commin at you.

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do, were comin after you

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do, watch out, we comin at you

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do, watch out, we comin at you


I got these bustas on my block and they after me

Runnin round tellin these niggas, how they gonna capture me

Its gettin crazy, its hard to make my mind up

Now should I, buck em down, or put my nine up?

You see, I aint a bad boy, just a boy who had it bad

I graduated from 22s to 3-57 mags

Runnin on these marks fore they stashin

I aint askin, give it up, or get to blastin

The penintnetiary dont scare me

A straight thug nigga, the whole setll take care of me

And tell me, who the fuck you gonna find

Rough enough to tear these bitch-niggas, this is mine

Now busta, meet my nine, 24 on the grind

Im sick about mine, and uh, aint nothin wrong with gettin high

A hustlin-ass nigga from the projects, Im makin loot

And screamin Thug Life, nigga, when they shoot

They made me a.....


[Dee tha Mad Bitch]

Now how many bad boys in the house

So hurry boys got the biggest nuts

What the fuck, I gave em the blunts

Havin a grudge against the whole fuckin world

A 16 shot-block-glock, thatll stop em

Theyre sure to hit the ground

Nothin, bustin a cap on no more every round

A bad boy is the big, shot on the block

He got knots, bigger rocks for the cops

Before he gets props

So you petty boys, you cant fuck with em

You can eat the biggies good friend

Or become a victim of a dead man

Its sad to see, when you end up six-feet deep

So rest in peace, muthafucka, join the pow

he got nothin but the realest style

Flavors when on the mic

and packin the meal like life

Savers, sweep up on you at night

His grip on tight, and make you take a bite

Thats all she wrote, barrel went down your throat

Killin off these niggas for fun

Murder one, and throw away your gun

Hes livin his life like a soldier

Thats what he lives for, to be a Bad Boy


Тупак Шакур

Real Bad Boyz Westside / Тупак Шакур

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