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Raise Up Off NUTS

Raise Up Off N.U.T.S.


Raise up on these Nuts a little bit

Just a little bit

Repeat 1 more x

I’m smoking these niggas like their indo

Breaking them like they windows

And still they rip until they get a wiff of this shit

That I’m kicking if they ever had a notion to stop me

Take your best shot and get dropped with your posse nigga

I got the mot Im bringing em out a lot I got more than you ha

Im rockin the spot so now they jock, rough em and get dropped

2pac aint trying to hear it I just swerving at your block

I’m serving at your knocks, so out,

Static is the last thing you need, when you see me

Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me

Nigga I’m a whole posse rolled into one shot

Taking all your guys while your girls are tautin rocks and spots

Feel funky flavor with the gift that only god gave

Holding to my grave, id rather die than be a slave

Slaves come as dope dealers , some come as attics,

Some come to run while the others cause static

Chorus 2x

I’m talking about these nuts and the slugs to the gut

I’m busting up out the page because they got me locked up

I’m trying to survive but its truly playa hating

Haters always want static like boom holler at you later

Homies aint no love in the town that I come from

Makes me want to fuck em then I storm and they don’t want none

Girly on my jock and they play me for that

But fool I cant help it because I was raised up like a mack

Just because I’m black jack don’t jack me

And Jill wants to marry me and watch the clan bury me

Got to pack the steel for the personal protection

AK, 45, assault rifle, smith and wesson

I’m no longer stressing, learning, got to live long

Each day pass by thanks god that I’m still strong

Here’s a bag of slips for the homies play the quality

But if you want to flex get in my too late punks

Raise up off of these

Chorus 2x

Back the fuck up off because you cant get none of these

It’s that O G B Mil coming straight up out the PBC

So step to the side then rip the fuck up off me brah

Cause if I take it to the level I’m gonna knock this motherfucker up

Now its on you, you better try to choose your shit

Cause if you don’t, trust me I got you trick

You better try to choose it or lose it

Stay out of mine before this shit gets way stupid

These niggas got fucked with but leave the past and gat

Cant leave ho without my strap

Not giving a fuck about nothing

Sliding through the strap with my face mashed mugging

Look you motherfucker’s up and down

It aint a future in your frontin while these fake niggas floating ‘round

What happened to the real motherfucking g’s

Fake motherfucker’s need to raise up off of these

Chorus 4x (fade out on 3rd one

Тупак Шакур

Raise Up Off NUTS / Тупак Шакур

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