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Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga

Niggaz.. fuckin wit the wrong nigga..


My seductive introduction be specific, still elusive

but exclusive's what I give you when I kick it, and I'm still lifted

Niggaz can't get with Mr. Wicked

Picture me flippin my adversaries, gettin the dick swiftly

Niggaz are swingin wild, but they styles miss me

You can bring that bitch but ya whole click'll still get treated shitty

Business never personal (?) before (?) up on thai

Just a ghetto star, a dropped up double-R is what I'm ridin

Nigga, if you was half the man yo' bitch was, bring you artillery

when you come for me, cause we sick thugs

No hesitation when I pull and blast, cause Syke was bustin

plus, Bow had 'em duckin, screamin, "Get they cash!"

So now I got the law on me, my phone's tapped

So I had to send word through my lil' homies

Tell them niggaz this the year when they pull the trigger

Shit, this is what you get, for fuckin, wit the wrong nigga..

This is what you get, when you fuckin wit the wrong nigga..

Hehehehe, yeah nigga, peep it

Before I lay me down to sleep I, pray and thank the Lord

for givin me another fruitful, dayyy

I wanna be a peaceful man but still when niggaz come for me

all I can see is gettin 'em, killed

For real it's how I feel, reflect my thoughts, flowin on these reels

Make my enemies deal with my steel, they caps peeled

We still cool but you played yourself

Give him the mac and make him spray hisself, heyyy

Fallin legends clutchin chrome three-five-seven

Puttin two bullets to they dome, wanted to die in heaven

Why call in shots nobody really as clear as me

Ain't tryin to help the feds get a case for conspiracy

Murder my foes get disposed of

We all homies to the death, so my true niggaz show me love

God forgive me for my lifestyle, a negative figure

But why they fuckin wit the wrong nigga, y'know?

It's like..

Why you fuckin wit the wrong nigga..

I was raised by thugs, schooled by killers

Learned my mathematic skills for real drug dealers

Tried to rise but they tried me

I guess they all had to die cause we tried peace

I die in these streets, blast 'til they recognize

Still do or die, all my niggaz gettin high watchin time fly

Best strategize on the way to profit

Best organize how you ride so they can't stop it

Then keep it poppin lot of busters wanna see me fall

I fucked yo' bitch and now this new shit gon' fade 'em all

My niggaz ball made a call for some backup

for lil' homies and my dogs in the black truck

Buck buck was the sound as they gats burst

No need for ambulance, baby bring the black hearse

Shoulda never fucked around busta, how you figure?

Makin moves on the wrong nigga, is what it sounds like

Ding ding ding.. when you fuck wit the wrong nigga..

Niggaz gettin hit, when they fuck, wit the wrong nigga..

Fuckin wit the wrong nigga

Тупак Шакур

Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga / Тупак Шакур

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