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Dedication Track 1


The lord has taken you away

To see a brighter day

You know we miss you Tupac.

Repeat Chorus 3 more times

Dear God I wonder can you save me

The ghetto’s got me losing my mind I’m going crazy.

From shootouts with suckas my opposition collapses

They got me rolling dice with my eleven I don’t want a crap.

With black fools gonna attack those and I hit their ass first

Cause in the sea and in a sqeeze got me feeling like I’m cursed

Have you forsaken either way got me actin like a villian

With a million dollar dream, kill the sceam and scandelous ass women

Im bending blocks and toting glocks on a daily operation

And facing death around the corner if I let these suckas take me

But I’m a ridah so im a ride ‘til the wheels fall off

And shove these bastards in the caskets, haul they asses off

Though we barried ghetto soldiers who lie close at heart

And separate from family members in the tears of support

Wash your tears through the years knowing our love aint gonna cease

Increase gun rates and poverty got us stuck on our knees

Beggin the lord why have you cursed men with white collar and gun play

About the projects with no money, still stuck on this one way

Streets with no peace with myself let alone somebody else

Savagely livin for the cabbage pulling AK’s off my shelf.

Its jealousy and envy that got Pac licked

Most definitely Mr. Makaveli going be missed

All eyes on a ridah, with ambitions that aint hard to find

Got around and made a 5 out of a nickel and a dime

And now the lord they love to shoot cops instead of niggas

Hollar thug life and pour out a little liquor

Well here’s a jug of the thug passion just for you

R and P, Killuminati, 21 gun salute.

Chorus 3x

Life is living hell busterated and jail cells

Back against the world colliding heads with white males

From state to Cali jail, why surrender if no bail

You’re zipping your lips because you fail if you tell

Packing the shit on your side because you’re too scared to die

You want peace on the streets but instead you’re strappin the nine

Dead brothers fallin behind got a cemetery and line

He’s getting barried for dying, for a minute I was worried and crying

You’re lying flat on your back, it was a stream of a blood bath

Escape from my thug staff, and ventured the wrong path

Die in the bay, but I still got props for LA

Rest in peace Makaveli meet you at the front gate

Even though we never kicked it, god lift it, man you was hella gifted

In this rap game, aint it a shame, but I bet we wont forget your name

You remain to be the most influential, on top of instrumentals

Stories so real but so resentful,

To the hard times, the hard crimes, was the death of Makaveli

And hunger aint the pain I’m feeling up in my belly right now

My stomach keeps turning, visions of murder got my blood burning

And best believe them suckas gonna get what they deserving

Makaveli, AKA Tupacalysa, I reminisca, you carrying a clips and talkin shit a

Keepin up with the bad boy, in a bad boy, but a bad boy,

Carrying all them feelings towards us, was always ready to go to war

I never knew ya, but in my heart I wanted to meet cha

Sort of like a teacher, guys will preacha, watch you be the reaker

I miss your video the way you spit the realest lyrics

I also feel it when I hear it makes my mic go wicked

I cannot fix it, the love that you brought to a nation

Keepin’ it real with the reputation, fire up the insulation

Don’t ask any questions, I’m gonna keep your mind steady guessin

Is that another hardcore rapper trying to start some messin

I’m not affiliated with the drama on the streets

I’m only a G when you messing with my family

One love goes out to the deceased who die by my peace a

We all will miss a, the man they call Tupacalysa

The lord has taken you away

Such a gloomy day in this game

I guess ill see you next lifetime, yeah

Cause life goes on

Chorus 2x (w/ male)

Chorus 3x (fade out on 3rd time

Тупак Шакур

Dedication Track 1 / Тупак Шакур

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