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 28 Days 28 DaysАвстралийская панк-рок-группа

La Tune

hey baby you know that this has been coming

this tune is so damn catchy, this is your love song

This song's so much like you, the one I've been waiting for

Yeah this is true, yeah just for you

No we're not the brady bunch, as smooth as silk,

but sometimes we're close, Sometimes we fight,

sometimes we make the neighbours wish we were mute!

But that's okay, cuz you're my Lois Lane, and I'm your Superman!

When the world gets on my back, I'll always have you. You want me too

Yeah sometimes we lose the scene

forget exactly what we mean to each other

Yeah sometimes we have our doubts

You know we always work it out!

Baby we can work it out

28 Days

La Tune / 28 Days

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