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Rise Above

the sky is grey bordem kicks in again

I don't know if I'll ever win

I'm not sure if it's worth it

I'll just have to wait and see

surrounded by people I don't understand

trying to do my best I've got a plan

putting me to the test I'm not alone

it's still all up to me

I'll rise above and I'll look down

it all seems so miniscule

I'll riducule the problems that

towered over me

all I want to know is how to love myself

I've had money keep your material wealth

seems like security

just you wait and see

sometimes I bomb I want to give it up

people suck I feel it building up

why don't you let me be?

do you want a piece of me?

I'll step back and take

another look see I mistook

I could not see the forest for the trees

28 Days

Rise Above / 28 Days

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