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Kill The Fake (Seshoo)(feat. Uzumaki

puppet on a string

what do you bring, nothin

everybodies looking for a quick buck

and vbuffin the dick of the powers that be

not 28D, conplacency is not my style

as you can see, fuck it that's not me

it's like every time I turn on the box

I gotta watch another

manufactured band that sucks cock

gotta listen to suckers who

don't know diddley squat

dance steps in their reps

and no props go out to slop

it's not fresh

I got my shit down on the road

shoot yourself in the foot when you're

talkin out your sphincter, boy

just another toy

and climbing out of the box

you don't write shit but you're convinced

your shit rocks

now you don't write nothing

leave it up to your puppeteers

you better hope it sells now

cause give it two years

another humdurm throw away

is what it becomes

a massive debt that someones got to pay

at the end of the short day

can't sell a record because

you're so wak

you could sell your soul

can't deal with the payback

28 Days

Kill The Fake (Seshoo)(feat. Uzumaki / 28 Days

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