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Do Our Part

all I fucking do is complain

me and the rest of the scene

that's what's wrong with us

whinging does nothing

when did we become so clean

I'm really over this

no one want's to hit close to home

I'm this I'm that which makes me right

no it makes you narrow minded you're

choking on your words you fucking clone

get straight up do our part

word up do our part

we're not the only ones

I know you think you are so smart

so heres a four one one for you

I know you've got know heart

so I can see right through

why don't you just do your part

make a start show us heart

see that shit right through

what the fuck are gonna do

what are we gonna do

like I said before

it's up to you and me

whinging does nothing

does nothing

28 Days

Do Our Part / 28 Days

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