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ride the train and it takes me back

to the days when Frankston was our line

I used to live for getting up man

killing trains just to kill the fucking time

don't get me wrong

I was true to the graf scene

travel miles just to rack I was so keen

I also was a hip hop b boy to boot

used to write my name while you'd commute

shove our paint inside our

coats you know we'd

never pay for shit

kleptomaniac to fund another

paint attack window down

whole car lay up hit

a one track mind is

what I had bombing trains

is all I thought about

we'd stay in places you

wouldn't believe just

to kill the suckers inside and out

so many writers had my

respect so def with a

can put those toys in check

dma/ac/wca/camecorrect ci boys

fucking shit up in effect

but my crew holds the fondest of memories

ci brothers still fucking shit up

with new school and old

with Melbourne pride and always will


28 Days

1988 / 28 Days

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