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Got It Going On

Got it going on

In your castle all alone now

Once was sweet has now gone bad

Education couldnt teach you

Only green to past the test

I can see why youre alone now

Once was sweet has now gone bad

Picked out from a class of many

Got it goin on...

As I recall you had it all

but your ways were cruel

Protection day and night

Never see the dawn of light

Dying for a rescue

Sanctuary came unglued

Shattered peace, every part of you

No one wants to claim your fame

Ask me questions Ill name no names

repeat chorus

Park Avenue, a penthouse view

Overlooks the blues

A homeless man

eats a meal from a trashcan

Imagine being in his shoes



24-7 Spyz

Got It Going On / 24-7 Spyz

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