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Traveling Day

Sorry to say, I'm leaving today

Far away from here

Sorry to say, traveling day

See the world appear

Won't have to ask what time of day

Won't care about tomorrow

Which menu will I choose

It's a blessing, to wake up in another place

No more spare change will I give

The streets will still be crowded

Another dollar spent

I'm packing I say, It's a gamble to stay

New faces new ways

So long Loanshark Johnny

Moonlight traces, morning graces.

Repeat Chorus

Fly on Yankee Clipper wings

Another unknown city, concrete standing tall

Directions ahead, Blackout ruins of a day

Expressions of the people passing by

I know they wonder why I look the way I do

Repeat pre-chorus

Saturday feels like another day, Sunday's gone it's another day

One day I'll be back again.

24-7 Spyz

Traveling Day / 24-7 Spyz

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