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Thugz Mansion (Ny)


I want you to close ur eyes, n' envision

the most beautiful place in tha world,

if you in the hood, the ghetto street corner,

come on this journey, the best journey, its a mansion

acres of land, swimmin pools and all that, check it out


I'm capable of anything, my imagination could give me wings,

to fly like doves over the streets watchin' many things,

kids walkin home from school, on drug blocks, missionaries

pass out papers that we love god.

I see faces cases, judges n jurors, masons lawyers n cops,

I watch cuz every thugs face is my mirror, but this was one in particular

this kid he was the victim stick a ma pro, 16 years old did his jail since

there was no where to go.

Every mornin' calls commrad to come n get em'

a smoke, he insane already gone mad, blames himself for his setbacks,

dangerous street corners where his sets at, sling from dusk till dawn,

detectives act like they maniacs, chasin him, his asthma's flarin, smokin'

like a chimney on rimy of course he not carin, he needs a place to go,

to keep his mind expandin, I give em a helpin hand

bring em out to Thugz Mansion.

[J. Phoenix]

Every corner, every city

Theres a place where lifes a little easy

Little Hennessey, laid back and cool

Every hour, cause its all good

Weve all stressed form the world outside

Every wrong done will be all right

Nothing but peace, love and street passion

Every ghetto needs a thug mansion


Dear mama don't cry, Your baby boy's doin' good

Tell the homies I'm in heaven and it ain't got hoods

Seen a show with Marvin Gaye last night

It had me shook

Drinking peppermint schnapps with Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook

Then some lady named Billie

Тупак Шакур

Thugz Mansion (Ny) / Тупак Шакур

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