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Can You Get Away

[Tupac] Wussup, it's Tupac, can u get away?

let me come sooth you up

[Female] You know I gotta man.

[Tupac] I know you gotta man,

but he won't mind if I take you out

[Female] of course, he gonna mind.

[Tupac] let me take you to lunch, i'll have ya back before

he even get home, before anybody see

[Female] I can't.

[Tupac] aww Come on,

[Female] He won't let me.

[Tupac] Pleeeease....

[Female] naw

[Tupac] aight, what's wrong with your eye?

Why you got on glasses?

ever since i metcha i can't beat the pressure,

it's like your man don't understand

all he does is stress ya

i can see your state of misery from the introduction

ain't bout no suckin or touchin

just harmless discussion

maybe we can see a better way

find a brighter day

late night phone conversations...

would that be okay?

i don't wanna take up all your time,

or be the next in line

tell me your size and let me find you things

that you won't mind

i can see you're cautious,

and i'm careful not to scare ya

but anticipation of love makin got ya shakin

when i'm standin near ya

use of precision will prepare ya

in case you get scared

just ask the man in the mirror

now the picture's gettin clearer,

all he does is hit ya hard

i tell you to leave him

and you tell me keep my faith in God

i don't understand i just wanna bring ya home

i wonder should i leave ya alone, find a woman of my own

all the homies tell me that you don't deserve it,

i contemplate

but in my heart i know you worth it

tell me can you get away?


ebony, can U get away, l

Тупак Шакур

Can You Get Away / Тупак Шакур

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