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Military Mindz

[Tupac Talking]

Stand in formation

My motherfucking real troopers

Lets do it like soldiers

All in together now


Hell yeah

No retreat no surrender

Death before dishonor motherfucker

Do it to them

Come on

Never got thuggish


Yes yes YES

Say whut

Westide eastside ride

Where you at?, where you at?

Where my real thugs?

Where you at?, where you at?

Where my real thugs?

Where you at?, where you at?

Where my real thugs?

Where you at? (Huhuhu)

The cases of a drug dealer

Real thugs, where you at?

Yo a motherfucking army

Do it to them

Do it to them

They love the way we do it to them

We do it to them


[Verse 1: Tupac]

Suppress the revolution of premeditated scheme [echo]

Introduce a drug called crack

To us ghetto teens [echo]

Got a law for raw niggas now

Playa what it be like? [echo]

When will niggas see they got us bleeding with 3 strikes [echo]

Can't seem to focus


With violent thoughts

I wrote this

Got these devils petrified

Hiding from my hocus pocus

And so I learned to earn my currency

And over time [echo]


Clearly click a military mind [echo]

May god forgive us

Though we dwell inside a paradox

Thugged out and drug dealing

From the womb to the block [echo]

My live mind got me surviving 5 shots [echo]

My 45 got me fortified with live rounds

When shit stick

We plot hits

When our block spits

All hail

Out on bail

Wrath of 2pacalypse [echo]

Forever ghetto

Necessary picture food stamps

Outlaw thug niggas

Never left the boot camp


Тупак Шакур

Military Mindz / Тупак Шакур

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