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Loyal to the Game

[voice sample from Star Trek V]

I couln't help but notice your pain

[My pain?]

It runs deep

Share it with me!

They'll never take me alive

i'm gettin' high with my four-five

Cocked on these suckas

Time ta die

Even as a youngster

causin' ruckis on tha back of the bus

i was a fool all through high school

kickin' up dust

but now i'm labled as a trouble maker

who can you blame ?

smokin' weed helped me take away the pain

so i'm hopeless

rollin' down the freeway swervin'

don't worry

i'm about to crash up on the curb cause my visions blurry

maybe if they tried to understand me

what should i do ?

i had to feed my fuckin' family

what else could i do

but be a thug

out slangin' with the homies

fuck hangin' with them phonies in the club

got my mind on danger

never been a stranger ta homicide

my cities full of gang bangers and drive bys

why do we die at an early age

he was so young

but still a victom of the 12 guage

my memories of a corpse

mind full of sick thoughts

and i ain't goin back to court

so fuck what you thought

im drinkin' hennessey

runnin from my enemies

will i live to be 23

there's so much pain



Tired of tha Strain and tha Pain


Tired of tha Strain and tha Pain

years and years of that rough life

runnin crazed and wild as a kid and growin tough with a knife

and livin trifed on the regular

bokin out competitors

see them take a move and take them down like a fuckin preditor

get in trouble everyday in school

act a fool

and you know i had to break every rule

showin off

Тупак Шакур

Loyal to the Game / Тупак Шакур

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