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Late Night

[DJ Quik]

Hey Pac, it's yo boy

Hey man so far I've been listening to your album

and I ain't heard nothin' you could kick back and smoke a beady to

You know?

Yeah like that

Some of that mellow shit

Some of that shit that make bitches drink

Make niggaz think

And help you check a fat-ass bank, hahahah

So why don't you kick some of that shit nigga only you know how

Hahahah, feel me?


I'm barely standin

And plus my secondhand say it's midnight

Some Alize and Cristal guaranteed to get right

Like misdemeanors is a small thang

With DJ Quik in this bitch, I let my balls hang

Runnin through the street lights

Cause we like, young nigga

Get your mobb on show em what a G like

Around the corner it's like Vegas, or better yet like Reno

Niggaz poppin, welcome to our casino

Cause you and me know

Hundred percent like a c-note

Looking for a bitch that's half-black and Filipino

And when I meet her I'ma offer her some indo

Tounge-kissin on the window of a pearl white limo

Don't wanna be your man, I'm your nigga

Touch me here, I'll get bigger

While I'm diggin I'll get deep into your liver

I'm game tight

Love fucking bitches in the same night

My words are aphrodisiacs if you say em right

The club be poppin so I'm stoppin at the Fat Burger

Look through the paper it's another black crack murder

The city's full of surprises, you can live or you can die

You can fuck on the first night, or try, in the late night


* DJ Quik cuts and scratches this sequence 2X*

Last night.. last night changed it all

'Pac] In the late night

Last night.. -acapo

Тупак Шакур

Late Night / Тупак Шакур

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