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Bury Me a G (feat. Natasha Walker of Y.N.V.)

Thug Life

Thinkin' back

reminiscing on my teens

a young G

getten' paid over dope fiends

fuckin' off cash that I make

nigga, what's tha sense of workin hard

if you never get tp play

i'm hustlen'

stayin' out till it's dawn

and commin' home

at 6 o'clock in tha mornin'

hand's on my glock

eye's on tha prize

finger on tha trigga when a nigga rides

shootin' craps

bustin' niggas out tha door

pick my money off tha floor

god bless tha tre-four

stuck on full, drunk again

sippin' on Gin

with a couple of friends

sayin' those thug life niggas be like major pimps

stickin' to tha rules is what made it simp

and if I die

let it be

but when they come for me

bury me a G

Chorus x2 -- Tupac

I ain't got time for bitches

Gotta keep my mind on my mothafucken riches

even when I die

they won't worry me

mama don't cry

bury me a G


More Trouble than tha average

just made 25 and i'm livin' like a savage

bein a G ain't no easy thing

cause you could fuck around get crossed

and get stuck in tha game

and for tha rest of your life you will sit and remineise

wonder why it had to end like this

and to tha G's you can feel my pain

till tha mothafuckas gets born again


you thought I was a game kid

i'm not tha nigga for playin games

I let my buckshots rang

when I pull tha trigga on my gauge

i'm on tha rampage

makin' runs for tha devil

ain't nothin' on my mind

will get me in some trouble

i'm tryin to ride

no more loves

for me hard to figure

get a ni

Тупак Шакур

Bury Me a G (feat. Natasha Walker of Y.N.V.) / Тупак Шакур

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