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Never Be Beat

[Featuring Ray]


Fumble suckers tumble goddamm I'm good

since i was born I was strong

Always knew that I could

Don't care anywhere anyplace I rock

Give me a mic tonight competition I'll drop

Fast or slow I'll go and no one is gonna stop me

Yo you must be kidding you swear you gonna drop me no

Well sure as battlin is bad for your health

I know your confident boy but don't fool yourself

My mic's a weapon I'm steppin with a capable rhyme

Yo your time for playin is ova you got your crew I got mine

Not braggin I'm bad and I could only get betta

Your girl came on to me she wanted me I wouldn't let her

Don't make sense to come against me and my man "D"

How it is how it was that's the way it'll be

You still think you can beat me get it together

Cause I'll never be beat, never be beat, never


Boldly you steppin to the top of the piece

Cause I'm the predator competitor and I'm risin like yeast

I'm the microphone musician musically I'm the most

When I rumble you tumble like a burnt piece of toast

Proceed with caution i cannot be stopped

A deadly weapon that's kept inside a Sentry lock

Strong hold holding on but there's no holds barred

Fuck around feel the wrath and your forever scarred

Anybody want to battle step the hell up

Toss your ass like a salad and eat you all up

You climb the rope of success but you know you can't win

You get discouraged cause I hold the otha end

If I let you go like all the others you will fall

The vicious vocalist consoloist will still be raw


Your bein waxed like a sucker but you'll neva recoup

I'm a veteran a breathren goin in like a troop

Try to stop me you can't you puff and you pant-aca

Тупак Шакур

Never Be Beat / Тупак Шакур

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