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Born to wreck shit, poppin bubble gum

Others call me up, but momma call me troublesome

Learned to shoot a gun, before I learned to read or write

Never touched a pipe, made my money every night

Till I gotta (ride), a motherfuckin Benz

Bitch talked to every snitch, they jeapordized me gettin rich

Only fifteen at a spot full of rock teens

Full of hard knocks, ready to clock, FUCK the cops (yeah!)

And we was fat like Trump

Every nigga packed a pump, so time to be poppin trunks

I stood at the top of the organization

Ready to pop a cop with no hesitations (fuck the police) yeah

Now I'm makin all the others run

Cause here it comes, look out for brother troublesome

Yeah y'all, hehe

A nigga named Troublesome

I learned from my mistakes I'm twenty-one now

I gotta pack of jackers out for me they hold a gun battle

Ain't old enough to save but I behave just like a true vet

That's cause for all the dirt I did and dirt I didn't do yet

Tryin to pop my pistol for a profit

Copper tried to stop I didn't drop and so he got it (yeah)

And I don't give a fuck about it

(Aiyyo you think you'll ever quit this shit?) I doubt it

So why not take all of me

Cause I just love to be the nigga that nobody else has the balls to be

These suckers always searchin for me, with funk

They in a hurry to get buried with they locs up

And once I let my gun pop

Another motherfucker drops

I smoke a gang of buddha better yet some indo

Crack through your window, nigga where the fuck the ya-yo?

You tried to hesitate I couldn't wait to rush him

I didn't trust him, he sneezed and I had to bust him

I'm criminal I'm workin doin wicked shit

So catch a Christmas cause I'm murderin your witnesses, I'm troublesome


Yeah, a nigga named Troublesome

Now I'm on top got plenty open

I ain't no fuckin joke so you can label me King of Oakland, huh

As I sit back and rake my, dough in

I let my money grown in just got rich off what they owin, huh

And flippin hoes, there's no open

Keepin a sister broke I'd rather take it from the token (give it up)

A psychopath when provoked then

all you see is smoke I pull a pistol from my, coat

I told you we ain't havin it (c'mere)

Give up the dough, reached for his coat, started grabbin it

Bang bang! Was the sound as I jetted

A bullet in the head so the sucker don't forget it

But I knew that I'd be dead soon

Crime in my head, makin decisions in my bedroom

I see task at my front do' (ahh shit)

But I ain't goin alive, so what the fuck these niggaz come fo'

Just because you got a vest don't mean you escape from death (bitch)

I put this AK to your chest it'll take your entire breath

Threw a grenade in the front yard

Six cops lunged then got crunched, here they come God

The other cops are closin in

Deja vu, what do I do, here we go again (here we go again)

I'd rather take my life than have these suckers clown me

When they found me, they call me troublesome

Troublesome, word up

Uptown, they got a Troublesome

In Crooklyn, they got a Troublesome

In the Bronx, they got a Troublesome

In Uptown, they got a Troublesome

South South Bronx, they got a Troublesome

The jungle, they got a Troublesome

Washington D.C. troublesome

Baltimore (troublesome) Miami

Troublesome, Seattle

All over this motherfuckin country (troublesome)

in every single ghetto (troublesome)

As long as there ain't money there's gonna be troublesome

Troublesome, word up


Troublesome, troublesome


My nigga named Troublesome

Тупак Шакур

Troublesome / Тупак Шакур

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