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Bomb First


It's not about East or West

It's about niggaz and bitches, power and money, riders and punks.

Which side are you on?

*gun cocked, six shots, bullets hit ground*

These niggaz is still fuckin talkin?

You nigga still breathin? Fuckin roaches, aight

Aight, it's the Raid on you

All day

You punk mutha-fuckas

The shit nigga

Killuminati Style

Makaveli the Don

Solo shit

Bring It

Allow me to introduce first

Makaveli the Don

Sprits, Spurting, Spiritual, Lyrics

Like the Holy Koran

Niggas get Shook Like 5-0

My 4-5 gun is next to me when we ride

Plus Survival

Money Making plans

Pistol Closing hands

Swollen Pockets

Let me introduce the topic

Then we drop it

Expose Snakes cuz they breath freely

See me ride

Located world wide

Like the art of graffiti

I think I'm tuffer than any

My attitude is shitty

Born in the dope fiends titty

And every city you'll find me

Looking for trouble

Right behind me

My outlaw Niggas

Down to die for me

(Naw what I mean)

I hit the scene

Niggas ducking for my Guillotine Stare

I'm right there

My every word

A fucking night mare

Getting high

Let me see the sun rise and fall

This is for my dogs

Down to die for yours

Extreme Venom

No mercy

When we all up in 'em

Cut em Down

To hell is where we send them

My whole team

Trying to explode

Rather die

Murder mutha-fuckas lyrically

And I'm not gonna cry


A born leader

Never leave the block

without my heater

Two big pitts

I call them Mobb Bitch

Nigga eaters

And I won't whimper till I'm gone

Thug Life

Running through my veins

So I'm strong

Ha ha ha

Bye Bye bye

Lets get high and ride

Oh, how do we do these niggas

But I'm not gonna cry

I'm a Bad Boy killa

Jay-Z die too

Looking out for Mobb Deep

Nigga when I find you

Weak mutha-fuckas don't deserve to breathe

How many niggas down to die for me

Yeah Yeah

West Coast Ridaz

Comin right behind ya

Should've never fucked wit me

I want money hoes sex and weed

I wont rest till my Row Doggs free

Bomb First

Chorus X2

We Bomb first when we ride

Please, reconsider 'fo you die

We didn't even come to (hurt nobody)X1) fightX2 tonight

But it's my life or your life

And I'm a bomb first

E.D.I. (Idi Amin)

For so many days and some many ways

We've been duckin strays

Hate to live us

But we still some Badboy Killas

Got nothin to lose, got no where to go

I only got one home see me stranded on Deathrow

With Outlawz, it's Makaveli, be the general

and I be a soldier on a mission, suptitude

but you'll never do

That's ride for the cause

Yes I'll die for the cause

Ya best believe if I leave this bitch I'm dyin with choice

Kamikaze sicker than a mothafuckin Nazi

Got a little question for that nigga that made Poparazi

Tell me if you ain't in this rap game

For the mothafuckin cash man

Then what is ya mothafuckin purpose

None for service

Idi Amin born worthless

That's until the day I decided to bomb first bitch

Young Noble

Yer style wack as ever

Like you was rocket patent leather

Cause a massive terror

Ya'll niggas lack, you ain't terrel

Half rapper half drug kingpen

Yer tellin fairy tales son

Kickin New York like you the mothafuckin one

But I'm from Jers we don't play that shit

From the Claire down to North Bricks

All my niggas flippin chips

Gettin rich

Even though it's hard

Tryin to creep through these halls abroad without scar by ????

With no warning signs cause yo my man took five

Now I'm the young one with the nine

ready to put in my time

Shoot first, look at there head Burst Bleedin'

Don't want to hear no shit this evening, Believe me


We Bomb first when we ride

Please, reconsider 'fo you die

G's and Thug niggas on tha rise


And bomb first

Тупак Шакур

Bomb First / Тупак Шакур

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