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 Impaled Nazarene Impaled Nazareneрок-группа

Condemned to Hell

Bastard son didn't win
I summon to thee to come to me
To find the peace, harmony
Infernal, agony

Mayhemic devastation, unholy benediction
Controlled by his majesty
You'll suffer, eternally

Do you believe in agony?
Only pain is...real!

"Ддliцt, ylistдkдд saatanaa,
sillд ainoastaan saatana on todellista!!!"

Bestial majesty rules the universe
Burning flames, holocaust
Charred souls, no return!!!

Spiritual prophecies turned into total shit
Messiah now vomitting as I masturbate on him

Do you believe in agony?
Only pain is real!

Damned to fucking hell!!!

Impaled Nazarene

Condemned to Hell / Impaled Nazarene

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