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 16 Horsepower 16 Horsepower рок-группа

The Denver Grab

see my love cut down the lane

sways and grinds ooh, that's your play

ya treat me like your prayers

though i'm alone

yer drivin' me to pray, "trouble" i'm undone

hold me up

will ye be my doll?

hold me up

'til the sun it cometh down

i didn't want it no

blood is to blame

there's a little fury on me and i'm ok

don't tell me that

you'll descend 'cause

i'm no bedlam - i'm your friend

see the girl - the girl's alone

see the boy - away from home

don't tell him nothin'

leave well enough alone

boy, oh boy, the boy's a stone

16 Horsepower

The Denver Grab / 16 Horsepower

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