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 16 Horsepower 16 Horsepower рок-группа

American Wheeze

i've grown tired, of the words of the single man

hangin' lifeless on his every word -- o man

you don't understand dear man

the little angel held out her hand

sayin' father, father i love you

o praise jesus i got her

ok yeah billygoat an we'll play farm

i didn't mean to spirit stiff you

nor to doy you no harm

you say you've got a bone to pick

well, there's plenty showin' on me

come on up yeah bring your temper boy

we'll see, we'll see

yeah you may be the only one come on son

bring your blade and your gun

and if i die by your hand

i've gotta home in glory land

16 Horsepower

American Wheeze / 16 Horsepower

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