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 1349 1349металл-группа


As time floats by I'm stuck

on this point of no return

The world, a stage upon wich

a neular play unfolds

flickering by in shades of grey

permeated by absurdity

like a glossy polished reality

slowly fading into oblivion

unconcious but aware

Awake, yet dreaming

Alive, still limbonic

Awaiting the libreration

The fallen angel of Doom appears

I behold his fury in fear

Disguised he enters the play

fullfilling the obscurity

I see the stage crumble

I see the curtains fall

the final act begins

as death reveals it's disguise

Escaping mankind, escaping doom

outrun (the) fear, outrun Death

Heading for the promised land

to gain immortality

Let the play of liberation begin anew

The circle is ended

a new play begins

no need to witness

know the end

Let all fears go by

drift into oblivion


Liberation / 1349

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