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Angel Rectums Still Bleed (The Sequel)

Welcome to my dominion
Enflame my hellish hunger
Feel this burning lust
Fallen angels of heaven

Let me fuck bejesus out of you
Fulfill my darkest dreams
Fuck all the consequences, can't afford to care
And angel rectums continue to bleed

Welcome to my dominion
Show your true nature
Sacrifice everything you have
Reigning sluts of hell

Repeat chorus

Feel my inner fire Swallow my hellish seed
Steal my heart Force me to weep

Sexual molestation by Wildchild

Repeat chorus

Look into my eyes Fuck me dead
Take my soul Cut up my chest

(Music: Anttila, Lyrix: Luttinen)

Impaled Nazarene

Angel Rectums Still Bleed (The Sequel) / Impaled Nazarene

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