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Peaches And Cream (Aaliyah And Memphis Bleek)

It be the R.O.C.

Stop, ****

Ain't nothin' change in this Bentley drop,

I take ten out, believe me, Bleek's been out,

If you ain't livin' for the moment, ma get out

You know the whip's sick

Plus it's missin' the top

You wanna roll with the ROC

Then come get hot

I got no take, 'cause the wrist it sparkle

Beats bark, new ****, black sparkle

Come on


All my clothes are tailor-made

And yes I got a house right off the lake

You know I be spendin' everyday

Don't matter 'cause all my bills are paid

Drop top Bentley, Gucci shades

Gamblin' in Vegas for a day

Yes brothers I do intimidate

And sisters can't fade 'cause I'm made.


(Chorus - Aaliyah)

I'm livin' the good life

I'm partyin' every night

I'm watchin' the Crystal flow

V.I.P. and that's all I know

Just livin that good life

Still partyin' every night

Still watchin' the Crystal flow

V.I.P. and that's all I know


Private jet to Amsterdam

13 karats on my hands

Wall Street says I'm doin' fine

Drop cash for all country side

Payin' chauffeurs, butlers, maids

Runnin' up spa bills everyday

Country clubbin' with rich friends

Tomorrow I'll do it all again

You see...


(Memphis Bleek)

Yo yo aiiyo M dot, him hot, him got

Him cock, Benz coupe, him drop

Him got land view, Swiss accounts

And him got dough tied around his spouse

M. Bleek splurge, cop a couple of furs

A couple of karats

If you want it you can have it

Bleek on chrome got home, it's on

No stoppin' me now this


Peaches And Cream (Aaliyah And Memphis Bleek) / 112

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