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Why Does

All The Love You've, Given Me

So Special, Seems To Be

No Limit, I'll Do Anything

There's No Boundaries, To How

We Can Go, How Can I Let You Know, Girl

Let Me Sit And Think

(Chorus) Why Does The Wind Blow

Why Does The Sun Shine

Why Does The Rain Fall Down On My Face

Why Does The Earth Spin

Why Do The Waters Reach The Shore

And Tell Me Tell Me Why

Why Do I Love You Like I Do

Oooh In The Past You Were There When I Was Down

My Friends Could Not Be Found

Your Touch Kept Me So Strong

What If Love Didn't Fade Away

Instead It's Endless As The Sky

That's Why I Must Ask Why

Oh Must Ask Why Why


I Ask Myself The Question

Time And Time Again

Baby I Love You

Yes I Do

Why Did You Have To Hurt Me

And Leave Me All Alone

Baby I Love You

Now I'm All Alone When I Need Your Love

Repeat Chorus To End


Why Does / 112

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