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The Only One

Lil' Kim:

Uh Uh

Catch Me In The Spot

No C's In The Drop

About Half An Ounce

Inside The Ziploc

Knockin The New One One Duece

On The Duece Me And My Old Flame

And His Name Is Bruce

But, Blew My Eye

When His Girl Drove By

Told Me Bye Then He Winked His Eye

I'm Too Down For This

To Fly To Curse

Threw His Jacket Out First

Ba-Bam In Reverse


Oh Baby

You Need To Know

I've Been In Love

And I've Never Known Love Like This

I Need To Know

Just How You Feel

Let Me Know If Your Love Is Real

(Chorus) I'm Tired Of Wasting Time On You

So Tell Me Whatcha Wanna Do

Is It Another Man

Holding Your Hand

Why Is This A Mystery

Oh Baby Can't You See

Girl You're The Only One

I'll Ever Want

The Only One

I'll Ever Need

Repeat Chorus

Oh Baby

I Think It's Time

For Us To Grow

We've Been Friends Now For Far Too Long

The Way You Kiss

It Turns Me On

Let Me Know If You Feel This Strong

Repeat Chorus 2 Times

Give Me Your Love

Don't You Know That I Need Your Love

I Need You Here In My Life

Baby Please

I'll Take Your Pain (I'll Take It All On Me)

I Need You Here With Me

Lil' Kim

Let's Pretend Like We Friends

And Do Our Own Thing

We Can Chitty Bang-Bang

But Let The Phone Ring

From The First Night

Knew You Was Untrue

Ex Girl Came Through

She Said She Missed You

Panties In The Bathroom Sink, Hot Pink

What's A Girl Like Me Supposed To Think

I'm A Bad Girl

You Shady, I Get Shady

Tear Up Your Old Lady

In The Benz Mercedes

Go Quinne

Repeat Chorus Til End


The Only One / 112

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