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Peaches And Cream Remix

feat. Fabolous)

Oh yeah




Peaches and cream

Know what I mean



I can't get enough

I'm a fiend for peaches

I done freaked everywhere from

Limousines to beaches

The kids well known by

Deans and teachers

It's that player who even

Scored in between the bleachers

Chicks used to be

Seam and speechless

Now they talk because the

X-5 got so many

Screens and features

Thats why I threw marines

On each-trice

Look its the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S


Let me tell you

What I wanna do

Let me show you

That I'm feelin you

Wanna sex wanna

Ride with you you

Wanna kiss wanna

Put my lips all over you

Can't get enough of you

Always taken of you

So sweet so very wet

So good girl

You make me sweat

Girl I'm talkin' 'bout

Peaches and cream



Peaches and cream

I need it 'cause you know

That I'm a fiend

Gettin' freaky in my

Bentley limousine

It's even better

When it's with ice-cream

Know what I mean

[Repeat chorus]


I never thought that

I would be so addicted

To you on top underneath

On the side of you

Better yet baby

Inside of you

Love the way

You just flowing down and

I can feel it all around

In the front in the back

Of you oh

I love the taste of you

Girl you know

What I'm talkin' 'bout

[Repeat chorus twice]

Yeah oh yeah yeah



My nigga Mase gonna

Bust through those doces

Few mo roses

Meet me in room uno doce

You know mo say

It's even better

When it's with ice-cream

Know what I mean

I ain't with the ordinary

I get the strawberries

Straight to the hole

With my sh*t like Marbury

Never down with a quickie

And it ain't no secret

I'm trying to strip you

Down to your vickie

Some girls be tweakin'

Believing I'm lookin'

For a freak in the morning

A freak in the evening

That'll do more than kiss me

On my cheek

When I'm leavin'

Can change a way a man

Speakin' and breathin'

Sugar. I know you love

Some cream in your coffee

I'll give it to you till

You scream get him off me

Ya pants is up now

A minute ago

You was shaking like

You was doing that

Dance from Uptown


[Repeat chorus twice


Peaches And Cream Remix / 112

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