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In Love With You

Everday I Think About

All The Love You've Given Me

All The Ways You Show Your Lovin

Girl It Drives Me Crazy

Everday Our Love Grows Stronger

Everytime I See You

Think About This Love You Give Me

Girl I Can't Get Over You

(1) Baby You Know

Just How I Feel For You

Tell Me Your Love

Will Always Be Here For Me

I Need Your Love

Don't Ever Take It Away

Tell Me With Me

Is Where You'll Always Stay

(Chorus) You Are So Special To Me

I Need You Here With Me

Someone To Love Me Always

I'm In Love With You

You Are So Special To Me

Why Don't You Stay Here With Me

So We Can Be Together

I'm In Love With You

Everyone I Love Before Me

No One Else Compares To You

No One Does The Things To Me

That Make Me Feel The Way I Do

Everytime I See Your Pretty Face

It Makes Me Love You More

All The Time I've Looked For Lovin

Now It's Knockin At Me Door

Repeat 1


You Mean The World To Me

And You're More Special Than You Think

Baby You Must Believe

That I Love You

Repeat Chorus Til End


In Love With You / 112

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