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Can I Touch You

Can I Touch You Babe

Mmm Come Here Babe

(1) Can I Touch You

Make You Feel So Good

I Know You Want Me To, So Sweet

My Goodness Love So Sexy

Won't You Come And Talk To Me

Can I Speak To You

Make You Feel Good

I Know You Want Me To, So Sweet

Goodness Love So Sexy

Won't You Walk Over To Me

In The Middle Of The Night

You Walk Into My Room

The Street Light Silhouettes Your Face

And All Of Me Consumes

A Special Part Of Me

There's A Lonely Part Of You

And In This We'll Find Happiness

And Little Things Come True

Can I

(2) Can I Touch You There

Fingers Through Your Hair

Baby Don't Be Scared

Cuz I've Got You

Where You Need To Be

Hold You Tenderly

Something You Won't Forget

Repeat 1

All The Time I Spent

Looking In Your Eyes

I Don't Feel Time Is Wasted

I Swear I'm Not

Lying Here Just To Take Advantage Of You

Do You Understand

This Is Something I Wanna Do

Can I

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 Two Times

Come Over Here

And Take My Hand

Ohh Don't Be Afraid

Ooh Ooh Ooh

Stay Right Here

Can I

Repeat 1 Til End


Can I Touch You / 112

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