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Be With You

I Used To Hang Out Every Night

Used To Go From Club To Club

Looking For True Love

But Now I Found That Love In You

No Longer Have To Sleep Around

Cause I Have You


(1) Girl I'm Always Thinking About You

And All The Things You Do For Me

Makes Me So Happy

And Girl Whenever You're Near Me

My Love Is Always Here For You

I Really Wanna Be With You

(2) There's So Much Out There For Me

But The Only Thing I Want

Is To Be With You

So Many Places I Can Be

But The Only Thing I Want

Is To Be With You

I've Traveled All Around The World

Seen Alot Of Girls

But None Can Compare To You

No Matter How Far I May Go

I'll Always Know That Home Is You

And That's Where I Want To Be

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

(3) Every Hour Of The Day

My Thoughts Are Always Of You

You Are Always In My Heart

Can't Stand To Be Apart

Whenever We're Not Together

It Seems Like Forever

Day Dreamin About You

I Really Want To Be With You

Repeat 2 Two Times

Repeat 3

Repeat 2 Til End


Be With You / 112

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