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Ян Гиллан Ян ГилланБританский рок-музыкант, вокалист и автор текстов песен, участник группы Deep Purple.

Sleepy Warm

When you wake up in the morning
you're still dreaming
And your kisses
sleepy warm
So I come on home to you
when I can
Yes I get on home to you
when I can

There's a bright moon in the night sky
that's shining
On a white sheet
where face down you lie
So I lay back in my arms
as you sleep
And I look at you babe
while you sleep

'Cos I love you
yes I love you
I love you

There's a dreamcatcher hangin'
above you
And a love nest
wrapped all around
In the deepest darkest night
'til the dawn
When you wake up
sleepy warm

I love you
I love you
I love you

Ян Гиллан

Sleepy Warm / Ян Гиллан

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