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Ян Гиллан Ян ГилланБританский рок-музыкант, вокалист и автор текстов песен, участник группы Deep Purple.

Don’t Want The Truth


I don't need you you're obsolete
I don't want you hanging round my feet
Don't even share the same track
Don't want you hanging on my back
No don't even want you near me
Don't even want you near me

I'm lonely that's the way to be
So lonely but at least I'm free
I'm scared of trusting in you
I'm scared you're telling me the truth
No I don't want to hear you, I don't want to hear you
Don't want the truth

There's nothing in what you say
It scares me just go away
It doesn't matter what's real
It's just deciding how you feel
No I don't want your pain
I don't want your pain
Don't want the truth

(Repeat third verse)

Ян Гиллан

Don’t Want The Truth / Ян Гиллан

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