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Ян Гиллан Ян ГилланБританский рок-музыкант, вокалист и автор текстов песен, участник группы Deep Purple.

Angel Manchenio

Angel Manchenio dance on the table

Bright casino lights flicker as you dance
Warm Arabian nights, atmospheres of chance
Oh my gypsy brother you tried to take my life
You thought I'd stolen your lover
You faced me with a knife
Her red hair you'd seen on my bed
And now Manchenio you wanted me dead
But she was with another name
Gypsy hang your head in shame

Dance Angel Manchenio

Ancient gypsy lore gives your blood to me
I can let it pour, watch it running free
But I love you gypsy, your spirit chases me
Now I want to share
The blood of a Romany
You take your knife and cut my hand
Say mystic words I won't understand
Pulses race as two become
Blood united, brothers one

Dance Angel Manchenio

Say the words and we become
Blood united, brothers one

Ян Гиллан

Angel Manchenio / Ян Гиллан

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