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You`re My Baby Girl

12th of April we decided it was time
I was feeling good, you were looking fine
On the basement floor with TRL behind
You were loving me with Carson Daly on your mind

You`re my baby girl
You know that you are
You`re my honeybunch
My sweet lucky star
So put your hand in mine
I will slap your sweet behind
You`re my baby girl

E is for Erin and making out with you
R is for wrong that`s what you like to do
I is for eyes that are smiling at me
N is for nasty which we do constantly


Hot dogs and hamburger, unzip me please
Erin likes ketchup but go easy on the cheese
I like to look down on her naked from above
She`s just like Gwyneth Paltrow
I`m like Shakespeare in Love



You`re My Baby Girl / 2gether

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