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 2gether 2getherАмериканский фиктивный бой-бэнд


Mmm..yeah..oh baby..
Girl..When I think about you..I think of one thing..and you know what that is..
Only think of one thing

I lock my door
Get down on the floor
and I rub one out
I sit back in my chair
Like I just don`t care
and I rub one out

When I`m feelin lonely
and I want you to hold me
I rub one out, yeah
Oh oh

Rub one out
hey don`t be shy
(girl don`t be shy)
Rub one out
girl, don`t ask me why
(Don`t ask me why)
Rub one out and I`ll grab my crotch
(Grab my crotch)
Rub one out
Do you want to watch me?

When I`m alone
and you`re on the phone
I rub one out
Rub one out
When I`m feelin hot
and I`m all in a knot
I rub one out

So baby don`t be shy
Don`t ask why
I rub one out
babbyyy, yeah

Girl I wanna get inside you
All my dreams to get beside you
Ooh leave a message besides my machine
Somethin warm and sexy
and I`ll rub one out cos that`s the way it affects me, babe

It`s not enough kissing and stuff
So I rub one out
When you`re not here
and I want you near
I rub one out



2Gether / 2gether

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