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Эмм Грайнер Эмм ГрайнерКанадская певица, поэт-песенник


I used to be contagious
Like the blue waves on my wall
The 17 long years I didn't know you
I still love you for them all
Climbing out of highway crashes
Throwing away your gun
Do you ever think that maybe we're similar
Just looking for someone?
All summer long
You made me high when I was down
All summer long
The city smiled when you were around
But now the summer's gone
And I must say something feels wrong
Now the summer's gone
I must say something feels wrong
I used to be infectious
Now I feel a continent away
Chasing the ghost that haunts you
Has nothing to do with you today
I've been tangled up for to years straight
I guess the blueprints didn't show
Why must you be so dramatic?
You always say you've got to go
You don't know the way I feel about you

Эмм Грайнер

Summerlong / Эмм Грайнер

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